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Expanding Reamers

We stock both expanding Reamers and Adjustable Reamers.

Carbide Tipped Expanding Type Reamers for resizing and regrinding (not for reaming) allowing extended use.  These are available in straight and taper shank from Lexington in the USA.  They are held as blanks and sized to order on quick deliveries.

Our standard Reamer Tolerance is +0/+0.008mm (+0/+0.0003") but tighter tolerances can be achieved.

Sized Reamer DELIVERIES NORMALLY IN 2 - 3 DAYS but on request we can improve.

Adjustable Hand Reamers are available in both metric and imperial range sizes.  The cutting diameter can be changed by loosening one nut while tightening the other.  Each Reamer can adjust to  cover the complete range of sizes.  Reamers also available with pilot and sleeve to enable line reaming of more than one hole.  Metric range available from European supplier Izar, Imperial range from Sperafico Brazil  (deliveries can take a month if we have no stock).