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Burrs, points and abrasives

Drill Service stocks an extensive range of Carbide Burrs for use by hand.  Carbide material allows the tools to run at much higher speeds than similar HSS cutters yet still maintain their cutting edges.

Burrs (also known as rotary tools) are available in many forms – Cylinder, Ball, Olive, Tree, Taper, Cone, Inverted Cone.  Our Carbide Burrs are supplied by top USA supplier Starlite. We also have a range of abrasives including pads and a diamond-plated needle file for fine job applications.

Our diamond and Borazon points are for use on a machine and for internal grinding.  Our point products are available as Cylinder, Taper, Flame, Ball, Cone, Inverted Cone, Taper Countersink, Wheel and Disc.

Browse our catalogue of burrs, points and abrasive products on our website. If you have any questions please contact our customer services team on 01293 774911