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Countersinks and Counterbores

Drill Service stocks an extensive range of countersink drills, counterbores and back spot face Cutters.

A countersink is used to create a chamfer in the entrance of a drilled hole using a countersinking drill bit. Countersinking was traditionally done by hand, however they are now used on drills and milling machines. This may be to allow the correct seating of a countersunk screw or to provide a straight lead in for a second machining operation such as tapping.   Cutters are available Carbide, Carbide Tipped, HSCo and HSS.  Available with single flute, 3 flute, 6 flute and multi fluted.  Angles available: 60°, 82°, 90°, 100°.

As well as bespoke modifications and specials in house - we supply countersinks and counterbores from top quality brands including Starlite and ICS in the USA and Ilix and Magafor from Europe.

A Counterbore is used for boring a flat bottomed hole (akin to a cylinder) – these holes generally have a wide top. A counterbore hole is typically used when a fastener, such as a socket head cap screw, is required to sit flush with or below the level of a workpiece's surface.  Our extensive range of counterbores includes a standard range with attached pilots as well a diverse range with detachable pilots. Our counterbores are available in Carbide Tipped, HSCo and HSS. 

Back Spot Face Cutters are available in Carbide Tipped and HSS with 4 or 6 flutes depending on size.  These tools enable you to reach to the far side of the workpiece (away from the spindle side) and cut back toward the spindle. The pilots are available in EN16 – a toughened steel in either straight or taper shank.

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