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STAR - Flexible Diamond Abrasive Pad

STAR - Flexible Diamond Abrasive Pad

Diamond grit impregnated material mounted supplied as a hand pad on a rigid plastazote foam block, discs for hand drills or high-speed grinders, and belts for linishers. They can be self adhesive for special applications. The diamond retains its sharpness and free cutting action on all materials and is securely bonded on a pad. Starpad may be used wet or dry, for rapid stock removal, grinding forming or lapping metals, as well as bevelling and edging of stone and glass. Items are colour coded so that the very fast cutting can be distinguished from the lapping grades.

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Part No.

Description Price Qty Add More
STAR-HP-GREEN 50mm x 90mm 60 Grit Hand Pad £27.26
STAR-HP-BLACK 50mm x 90mm 120 Grit Hand Pad £20.86
STAR-HP-RED 50mm x 90mm 200 Grit Hand Pad £25.36
STAR-HP-YELLOW 50mm x 90mm 400 Grit Hand Pad £19.90
STAR-HP-WHITE 50mm x 90mm 500 Grit Hand Pad £13.43
STAR-HP-BLUE 50mm x 90mm 1000 Grit Hand Pad £13.43
STAR-VB-GREEN 57mm x 127mm 60 Grit Velcro Backed Disc £43.39
STAR-VB-BLACK 57mm x 127mm 120 Grit Velcro Backed Disc £37.12
STAR-VB-RED 57mm x 127mm 200 Grit Velcro Backed Disc £30.78
STAR-VB-YELLOW 57mm x 127mm 400 Grit Velcro Backed Disc £26.16
STAR-VB-WHITE 57mm x 127mm 500 Grit Velcro Backed Disc £26.16
STAR-VB-BLUE 57mm x 127mm 1000 Grit Velcro Backed Dis £26.16
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