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XCHB - Xebec Cross-Hole Deburring, Ceramic Stone Ball

XCHB - Xebec Cross-Hole Deburring, Ceramic Stone Ball

These Xebec Ceramic stones come in both Ball and Cylinders shapes. These Ball shape Xebec tool heads are made of Alumina Fibre abrasive stone. XEBEC Stone uses the original abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grains. By using ceramic stone on the head portion, the cutting edges are exposed over the entire surface. This tool prevents clogs and scratches to the surface because it does not contain abrasive grains.

XEBEC Stone Flexible Shaft has grinding power on the entire surface of the head portion. It allows deburring in various ways as long as the tip of the head portion contacts with the processing area.

The ball type is capable of deburring hole edge after drilling by point processing or removing back burrs after drilling by contouring.

The tool can be mounted on equipment that controls the rotation speed. It can be used on machining center, combined lathe, robot, special machine, and drilling machine, as well as an electronic grinding tool.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.Info Price Qty Add More
XCHB-03PM 3.00mm Diameter #220 Grit Ball Grey70.03.000CH-PM-3B £14.79
XCHB-03PM-L 3.00mm Long Series #220 Grit Ball Grey150.03.000CH-PM-3B-L £36.68
XCHB-03PO 3.00mm Diameter #400 Grit Ball Orange70.03.000CH-PO-3B £14.79
XCHB-03PB 3.00mm Diameter #800 Grit Ball Blue70.03.000CH-PB-3B £14.79
XCHB-04PM 4.00mm Diameter #220 Grit Ball Grey70.03.000CH-PM-4B £17.57
XCHB-04PM-L 4.00mm Long Series #220 Grit Ball Grey150.02.300CH-PM-4B-L £28.22
XCHB-04PO 4.00mm Diameter #400 Grit Ball Orange70.03.000CH-PO-4B £17.57
XCHB-04PB 4.00mm Diameter #800 Grit Ball Blue70.03.000CH-PB-4B £17.57
XCHB-05PM 5.00mm Diameter #220 Grit Ball Grey70.03.000CH-PM-5B £19.41
XCHB-05PM-L 5.00mm Long Series #220 Grit Ball Grey150.02.300CH-PM-5B-L £29.64
XCHB-05PO 5.00mm Diameter #400 Grit Ball Orange70.03.000CH-PO-5B £19.41
XCHB-05PB 5.00mm Diameter #800 Grit Ball Blue70.03.000CH-PB-5B £19.41
XCHB-06PM 6.00mm Diameter #220 Grit Ball Grey70.03.000CH-PM-6B £21.27
XCHB-06PM-L 6.00mm Long Series #220 Grit Ball Grey150.02.300CH-PM-6B-L £31.75
XCHB-06PO 6.00mm Diameter #400 Grit Ball Orange70.03.000CH-PO-6B £21.27
XCHB-06PB 6.00mm Diameter #800 Grit Ball Blue70.03.000CH-PB-6B £21.27
XCHB-10PM 10.00mm Diameter #220 Grit Ball Grey75.03.000CH-PM-10B £25.59
XCHB-10PM-L 10.00mm Long Series #220 Grit Ball Grey150.02.300CH-PM-10B-L £38.11
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