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XSM - Xebec Cutting Fibre, Sleeve

XSM - Xebec Cutting Fibre, Sleeve

The Xebec sleeve is used in conjuction with a cutting fibre alumina brush to provide a complete tool for deburring and polishing processes with machining centres, robots, special purpose machines and drilling machines and is easy to automate.

Brush and Sleeve are sold seperately.

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Xebec have now introduced the 15mm sleeve with a plastic body which has reduced the cost considerably without impacting on quality.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.Info Price Qty Add More
XSM-06 6 mm Cutting Fibre Sleeve70.06.000S06M £30.83
XSM-15P 15 mm Cutting Fibre Sleeve (Plastic)90.06.000S15M-P £38.52
XSM-25 25 mm Cutting Fibre Sleeve140.08.000S25M £97.08
XSM-40 40 mm Cutting Fibre Sleeve140.010.000SD10 £107.87
XSM-60 60 mm Cutting Fibre Sleeve150.012.000S60M £215.73
XSM-100 100 mm Cutting Fibre Sleeve162.016.000S100M £323.60
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