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XEB Surface End Type Brush

XEB Surface End Type Brush

Xebec Deburring Brush End Type - complete tool.

Ideal for cutter mark removal and polishing on the sealed surface.

  • Brush size is approximate as the tip expands when rotating.

Red brush is more aggressive than the Pink brush.

Recommended Rotational Speed 7000-12000min¯¹ Maximum 15000min¯¹

The brush will break off if:

  1. used beyond the maximum rotational speed
  2. used with a pneumatic tool

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.InfoWorking Length Price Qty Add More
XA11-EB01S 1.00mm Red Brush52.03.000A11-EBO1S15.0 £7.85
XA13-EB01S 1.00mm Pink Brush52.03.000A13-EB01S15.0 £7.85
XA13-EB015S 1.50mm Pink Brush52.03.000A13-EB015S15.0 £9.28
XA11-EB015S 1.50mm Red Brush52.03.000A11-EB015S15.0 £9.28
XA13-EB02S 2.00mm Pink Brush52.03.000A13-EB02S15.0 £12.14
XA11-EB02S 2.00mm Red Brush52.03.000A11-EB02S15.0 £12.14
XA11-EB025S 2.50mm Red Brush52.03.000A11-EBO25S15.0 £15.71
XA13-EB025S 2.50mm Pink Brush52.03.000A13-EB025S15.0 £15.71
XEBM-03A13 Brush diameter 3.00mm (Pink)67.03.000A13-EB03M20.0 £21.57
XEBM-06A11 Brush diameter 6.00mm (Red)58.03.000A11-EB06M20.0 £18.50
XEBM-06A21 Brush diameter 6.00mm (White)58.03.000A21-EB06M20.0 £18.50
Click on part number to check stock