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XC - Back Burr Cutter

XC - Back Burr Cutter

Spherical deburring cutters to remove back burrs on a 3d curved edge while shifting the contact point of the spherical cutting edge.

The tool can be mounted on machining center (XYZ-axis) or combined lathe (XZY or XZC-axis). 3-axis simultaneous control is required. For combined lathe, polar coordinate interpolation is required. It cannot be used maually.

  • Enables faster operating time
  • Longer tool life by using the whole cutting blade
  • Micro grain cemented carbide - sharp and long lasting
  • Highly heat resistand AlTiCrN coating for materials from non-ferrous (eg Aluminium) to difficult to cut materials (eg titanium and inconel)
  • Helical blade for a cleaner cutting edge and to prevent secondary burrs

The custom made XEBEC path is available please find out more here

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.InfoWorking LengthCutter Radius Price Qty Add More
XC-08-A 0.8MM Back Burr Cutter60.03.000Regular5.00.40 £84.35
XC-13-A 1.3MM Back Burr Cutter60.03.000Regular8.00.65 £76.52
XC-18-A 1.8MM Back Burr Cutter60.03.000Regular10.00.90 £67.83
XC-18-B 1.8MM Back Burr Cutter50.01.100Reduced0.90 £100.00
XC-23-A 2.3MM Back Burr Cutter70.03.000Regular12.51.15 £73.04
XC-23-B 2.3MM Back Burr Cutter60.01.400Reduced1.15 £104.35
XC-28-A 2.8MM Back Burr Cutter70.04.000Regular15.01.40 £73.04
XC-28-B 2.8MM Back Burr Cutter70.01.700Reduced1.40 £104.35
XC-33-A 3.3MM Back Burr Cutter70.04.000Regular17.51.65 £75.65
XC-33-B 3.3MM Back Burr Cutter60.01.400Reduced1.15 £108.70
XC-38-A 3.8MM Back Burr Cutter70.04.000Regular20.01.90 £75.65
XC-38-B 3.8MM Back Burr Cutter85.02.400Reduced1.90 £108.70
XC-48-A 4.8MMBack Burr Cutter70.06.000Regular25.02.40 £80.87
XC-48-B 4.8MM Back Burr Cutter105.03.000Reduced2.40 £117.39
XC-58-A 5.8MM Back Burr Cutter70.06.000Regular30.02.90 £85.22
XC-58-B 5.8MM Back Burr Cutter120.03.500Reduced2.90 £126.09
XC-78-A 7.8MM Back Burr Cutter100.08.0004.7mm Neck40.03.90 £102.58
XC-78-B 7.8MM Back Burr Cutter150.08.000Reduced3.90 £158.38
XC-98-A 9.8MM Back Burr Cutter120.010.000Regular50.04.90 £202.56
XC-98-B 9.8MM Back Burr Cutter180.05.900Reduced4.90 £211.17
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