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NOGA Hand Scrapers

NOGA Hand Scrapers

Hand Scrapers

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A Length Price Qty Add More
DB-NBD5010 Replacement D50 HSS Blade20.050.0 £9.10
DB-NBD5501 Replacement D55 Carbide Blade20.050.0 £20.75
DB-NBD6610 Replacement D66 HSS Blade4.548.0 £5.98
DB-NBD7501 Replacement D75 HSS Blade20.075.0 £8.71
DB-NBD7701 Replacement D77 HSS Blade4.073.0 £8.71
DB-NNG3700 £20.52
DB-NSC1000 £23.29
DB-NNG3710 Inside Scraper with D66 Blade £19.00
DB-NBT8001 Triangular D/E Scraper Blade for NSC800018.080.0 £7.09
DB-NEL05003 Blade Holder for D50, D55, D56131.0 £8.11
DB-NSC8000 Adjustable Scraper with Triangular Blade £22.03
DB-NSC1300 Adjustable Handle120.0 £12.41
DB-NUH1000 Universal Holder £7.60
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