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Noga Hand Chamfering Tools

Noga Hand Chamfering Tools

Hand Chamfering Tools for internal and external chamfering. See replacement blades for additional blades

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Part No.

DescriptionMin Cutting Dia.Max Cutting Dia. Price Qty Add More
DB-NNG1200 Complete tool Internal hand Chamfering1.00010.400 £23.25
DB-NNG3400 Complete tool Internal hand Chamfering1.00020.000 £32.64
DB-NNG1700 Complete tool External hand Chamfering4.00018.000 £23.25
DB-NNG3500 Complete tool External hand Chamfering8.00028.000 £44.26
DB-NBC3201 Replacement Blade RD-3.23.000 £7.42
DB-NBC6301 Replacement Blade RD-6.31.0006.300 £16.77
DB-NBC1041 Replacement HSS Cutter RD-10.41.00010.400 £19.23
DB-NBC1651 Replacement HSS Cutter RD-16.51.00016.500 £21.02
DB-NBC8301 Replacement Blade RD-8.31.0008.300 £17.21
DB-NEX2001 Replacement HSS External Cutter EX184.00018.000 £16.47
DB-NEX3001 Replacement HSS External Cutter EX1288.00028.000 £26.83
DB-NNG3100 Complete tool for Chamfering Long £26.83
DB-NCH3000 Extension for NNG3100 £8.05
DB-NBC1211 C12 Cutter for NNG31001.00012.000 £15.26
DB-NBC2011 C20 Cutter for NNG31012.00020.000 £20.12
DB-NBC3011 C30 Cutter for NNG31023.00030.000 £32.64
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