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CSC1FSET- Single Flute Carbide Countersink Sets

CSC1FSET- Single Flute Carbide Countersink Sets

Carbide single flute countersink set - 5 piece set available in 60°, 82°, 90°, or 100°.

Set includes1/4 - 3/8 -1/2 - 5/8 - 3/4

Single flute use for soft materials - aluminium, non-ferrous, non-metals.

Countersinks over 5/16 and larger are two piece construction; carbide head induction- brazed harden steel shank.

Manufactured by Ultra-tool in the USA.

All are available coated as listed in AlTiN, TiAin, TiCN, Tin. as well as Premium coatings PVD Diamond and CVD Diamond.


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Part No.

DescriptionFlutesPoint Angle Price Qty Add More
CSC1F-SETX60 Uncoated160 £227.90
CSC1FAT-SETX60 AlTiN HSN2 Coated160 £267.11
CSC1FTA-SETX60 TiAlN Coated160 £267.11
CSC1FTC-SETX60 TiCN Coated160 £267.11
CSC1FTN-SETX60 TiN Coated160 £267.11
CSC1F-SETX82 Uncoated182 £227.90
CSC1FAT-SETX82 AlTiN HSN2 Coated182 £267.11
CSC1FTA-SETX82 TiAlN Coated182 £267.11
CSC1FTC-SETX82 TiCN Coated182 £267.11
CSC1FTN-SETX82 TiN Coated182 £267.11
CSC1F-SETX90 Uncoated190 £227.90
CSC1FAT-SETX90 AlTiN HSN2 Coated190 £267.11
CSC1FTA-SETX90 TiAlN Coated190 £267.11
CSC1FTC-SETX90 TiCN Coated190 £267.11
CSC1FTN-SETX90 TiN Coated190 £267.11
CSC1F-SETX100 Uncoated1100 £227.90
CSC1FAT-SETX100 AlTiN HSN2 Coated1100 £267.11
CSC1FTA-SETX100 TiAlN Coated1100 £267.11
CSC1FTC-SETX100 TiCN Coated1100 £267.11
CSC1FTN-SETX100 TiN Coated1100 £267.11
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