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TAPEX - Tap Extension

TAPEX  -  Tap Extension

Tap Extension for sizes M1 to M52

Care should be taken to match the tap to the extension as the different tap standards have different square drives.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthInfo Price Qty Add More
TAPEX-M1-M2.6 Drive 2.10mm60.0Square Drive £6.16
TAPEX-M3 Drive 2.70mm80.0Square Drive £6.16
TAPEX-M3.5 Drive 3.00mm90.0Square Drive £6.16
TAPEX-M4 Drive 3.40mm95.0Square Drive £10.47
TAPEX-M4.5 Drive 3.80mm100.0Square Drive £6.56
TAPEX-M5-M8 Drive 4.90mm110.0Square Drive £7.03
TAPEX-M9-M10 Drive 5.50mm115.0Square Drive £7.14
TAPEX-M11 Drive 6.20mm120.0Square Drive £8.92
TAPEX-M12 Drive 7.00mm125.0Square Drive £10.47
TAPEX-M13-M16 Drive 9.00mm135.0Square Drive £13.36
TAPEX-M18 Drive 11.00mm150.0Square Drive £14.82
TAPEX-M20 Drive 12.00mm155.0Square Drive £15.74
TAPEX-M22-M26 Drive 14.50mm175.0Square Drive £26.66
TAPEX-M27-M28 Drive 16.00mm185.0Square Drive £28.81
TAPEX-M30-M32 Drive 18.00mm195.0Square Drive £34.13
TAPEX-M33 Drive 20.00mm210.0Square Drive £52.96
TAPEX-M34-M38 Drive 22.00mm220.0Square Drive £52.96
TAPEX-M39-M42 Drive 24.00mm235.0Square Drive £66.69
TAPEX-M45-M50 Drive 29.00mm265.0Square Drive £101.57
TAPEX-M52 Drive 32.00mm285.0Square Drive £131.74
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