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Tap Wrench

Tap Wrench

A range of sizes available to hold taps M1 to M64. Adjustable heavy duty forged steel for high torque applications. To DIN 1814.

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Part No.

Description Price Qty Add More
WRENCH-0 To hold taps M1-M7 £9.74
WRENCH-1 To hold taps M1-M8 £10.64
WRENCH-1.1/2 To hold taps M2-M12 £13.42
WRENCH-2 To hold taps M4-M12 £15.08
WRENCH-3 To hold taps M6-M20 £21.23
WRENCH-4 To hold taps M11-M27 £27.53
WRENCH-5 To hold taps M13-M30 £39.87
WRENCH-6 To hold taps M18-M42 £52.30
WRENCH-7 To hold taps M25-M52 £67.02
WRENCH-8 To hold taps M25-M64 £85.80
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