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DTAPUNC - UNC HSS Drill TapUNC - Unified National Coarse HSS Drill Tap. A Unipass drill tap is a useful station-saver, and can be used to advantage on CNC machines. Through holes up to 2 diameters can be drilled and tapped at high rpm without tool change.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.InfoPilot Dia.Threads Per Inch Price Qty Add More
DTAP-UNC-4-40 6.35 drill length, 9.52 thread length47.63.5812.79mm Square2.31140 £15.92
DTAP-UNC-6-32 7.94 drill length, 11.11 thread length50.83.5812.79mm Square2.83232 £15.92
DTAP-UNC-8-32 9.52 drill length, 12.70 thread length54.04.2673.33mm Square3.49232 £15.92
DTAP-UNC-10-24 10.32 drill length, 15.87 thread length60.34.9283.86mm Square3.92424 £15.92
DTAP-UNC-12-24 11.91 drill length, 16.67 thread length60.35.5884.19mm Square4.58524 £15.92
DTAP-UNC-1/4 13.49 drill length, 19.84 thread length63.56.4776.05mm Square5.28320 £15.92
DTAP-UNC-5/16 17.46 drill length, 23.81 thread length72.28.0776.05mm Square6.75618 £20.91
DTAP-UNC-3/8 20.64 drill length, 26.99 thread length85.79.6777.26mm Square8.19216 £24.85
DTAP-UNC-7/16 25.40 drill length, 31.75 thread length95.28.2046.15mm Square9.57614 £29.28
DTAP-UNC-1/2 28.57 drill length, 34.92 thread length103.29.3226.98mm Square11.04913 £32.72
DTAP-UNC-5/8 11 £ POA
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