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British Association (BA)

British Association (BA)

British Association Dies and Dienuts. Our Dies are round split-adjustable, with parallel thread for right hand thread unless otherwise requested. We can always source specials when required. To DIN EN 22568

Split circular Dies are stocked as standard. General purpose dies for use on most common materials. The chamfer is ground, with lapped threads and cut thread consistently to size.

Dies are available in the solid version on request and also with a spiral entry. The spiral entry causes a peeling cut with swarf being forced ahead of the die - use recommended for use in attachments or machines.

Left Hand Dies also available for left hand threads.

HSS HEX Dienuts for general purpose repairing and cleaning of threads. Available on request for Left Hand Threads.

If your size requirement is not listed please enquire all Dies and Die nuts can be sourced.

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Part No.

DescriptionThread Pitch Price Qty Add More
BA-13-D 13BA HSS Die £ POA
BA-12-D 12BA HSS Die0.28 £56.33
BA-10-D 10BA HSS Die0.35 £21.94
BA-9-D 9BA HSS Die0.39 £21.94
BA-8-D 8BA HSS Die0.43 £13.36
BA-7-D 7BA HSS Die0.48 £13.36
BA-6-D 6BA HSS Die0.53 £12.59
BA-6-DN 6BA HSS Die Nut0.53 £34.37
BA-7-DN 7BA HSS Die Nut0.58 £30.78
BA-8-DN 8BA HSS Die Nut0.43 £40.40
BA-5-D 5BA HSS Die0.59 £11.97
BA-5-DN 5BA HSS Die Nut0.59 £29.15
BA-4-D 4BA HSS Die0.66 £9.39
BA-4-DN 4BA HSS Die Nut0.66 £34.37
BA-3-D 3BA HSS Die0.73 £16.83
BA-3-DN 3BA HSS Die Nut0.73 £29.15
BA-2-D 2BA HSS Die x 13/16 O/D0.81 £10.47
BA-2-DN 2BA HSS Die Nut0.81 £29.15
BA-1-D 1BA HSS Die0.90 £16.83
BA-1-DN 1BA HSS Die Nut0.90 £30.78
BA-0-D 0BA HSS Die1.00 £12.59
BA-0-DN 0BA HSS Die Nut1.00 £29.15
Click on part number to check stock