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ROUTG - Carbide Single Flute Right Hand Spiral Router

Minature Solid Carbide Routers Single Flute Metric Sizes

  • Single Flute 30° Spiral
  • Square End
  • Suitable for Contouring
  • For Alluminium and Plastics
  • Manufactured by MAGAFOR France

CARBIDE = hardness 1800 HV, to machine steels over 1300 N/mm², Treated steels up to 60 HRC, abrasive tough steels, stainless steels, titanium alloys, hard bronze, inconel, nimonic, waspaloy, hard cast irons and all other metals, thermoplastics, nylon, PVC, laminated, graphite, reinforced polymer with glass or carbon fibres, ceramics, glass.

Single Flute Imperial Sizes

Single Flute Imperia Sizes Diamond PVD Coated

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