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Special Taper Reamers

Taper Reamers stocked in HSS are Car Reamers, Brown and Sharpe and Jarno.

Car Reamers have 1:10 taper with 5 flutes and are suitable for opening up existing holes and hole alignment, particularly in sheet metal.

Brown and Sharpe Reamers are sourced from Gammons in the USA.  They are also known as Aircraft Taper Reamers and are used to finish Brown and Sharpe Taper sleeves.  These sleeves are used to hold cutting tools or holders in the spindles of machines such as a drill press, milling machines or machining centres.

Helical Jarno Taper Reamers are used to finish Jarno Taper Sleeves. These tools are also sourced from Gammons in the USA.