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Short Reamers

Short Reamers also known as Stub Length Reamers.

Stub Length Reamers are available in Carbide Tipped and HSS.

Both HSS and Carbide Tipped Stub Reamers are stored as blanks and sized to order on our rapid turnaround service. HSS Size range available 1.88mm to 12.83mm. Manufactured by Drill Service. Carbide Tipped range 3.210mm to 16.74mm from Lexington in the USA.

Carbide Tipped Stub Length Reamers have a straight flute.  HSS Stub Reamers come with a left hand Helix (right hand cutting) and drive hole.

Our standard Reamer Tolerance is +0/+0.008mm (+0/+0.0003") but tighter tolerances can be achieved.

Sized Reamer DELIVERIES NORMALLY IN 2 - 3 DAYS but on request we can improve.