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300 - Diatool Cutting Rings

300 - Diatool Cutting Rings

Diatool Cutting Rings- Carbide or Cermet tipped cutting rings avaliable either coated or uncoated.

Manufactured in Germany

Product Features

  • Modular Cutting rings Ø 50,600 - 205,599 mm
  • Expandable, straight fluted
  • Different cutting materials and coatings
  • Simple and precise interchangeability
  • Holders with internal coolant supply
  • Short and long holder version

Product Advantages

  • Only 16 holders sizes for a diameter range of 50,600 - 205,599 mm
  • All mounted Cutting rings are ground to the nominal size, e.g. first bore = good bore
  • Short machining times thanks to high feeds and multi-blade design
  • Wear compensation through the simple expansion feature.
  • High economic efficiency thanks to repeated retippings repaired / retipped Cutting rings have the same tool life as new

Coating avaliable for Carbide Cutting Rings

  • TiN
  • TiALN
  • TiALN-P
  • TiALN-L
  • ATN
  • TAC

Coating avaliable for Cermet Cutting Rings

  • TiALN
  • TiALN-P
  • ATN


Cutting data avaliable here

Correction or reaming problems avaliable here

Cutting Ring handling instructions avaliable here

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