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Magafor supply us with two excellent through coolant reamers. The RCRTC Carbide range is for use on blind holes with Right Hand Helix flutes.  The central lubrication hole means the lubricant is fed directly into the hole to ream. The RCLTC Carbide range is for use on through holes with Left Hand Helix Flutes. The internal lubrication is through two lateral holes feeding the oil directly onto the cutting edges.

Carbide tipped Through Coolant Reamers are available from Lexington USA in both right hand helix and straight flute.  These are held as blanks to be sized to order on quick deliveries. HSS over the whole length with carbide tips to provide an economical alternative to Carbide.

Our standard Reamer Tolerance is +0/+0.008mm (+0/+0.0003") but tighter tolerances can be achieved.

Sized Reamer DELIVERIES NORMALLY IN 2 - 3 DAYS but on request we can improve.

We also have access to supply the Diatool range of through coolant reamers which are available in a wide variety of forms.  Price is on application.