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TM-MMF - Solid Carbide TiAlN Coated Metric Fine Thread Mills

TM-MMF - Solid Carbide TiAlN Coated Metric Fine Thread MillsSolid Carbide Metric Thread Mills for ISO Metric Internal Thread DIN13. Spiral Angle 15 Degrees. Thread Length 2 X D.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Working LengthThread Pitch Price Qty Add More
TM-MMF-8.0X1.0 6.00mm Cutter Diameter57.036.00013.01.00 £93.87
TM-MMF-8.0X0.75 6.00mm Cutter Diameter57.036.00013.00.75 £93.87
TM-MMF-10.0X1.0 8.00mm Cutter Diameter63.048.00016.01.00 £124.72
TM-MMF-12.0X1.5 9.50mm Cutter Diameter72.0410.00020.01.50 £161.89
TM-MMF-12.0X1.25 9.50mm Cutter Diameter72.0410.00019.01.25 £161.89
TM-MMF-12.0X1.0 9.50mm Cutter Diameter72.0410.00019.01.00 £161.89
TM-MMF-14.0X1.5 10.00mm Cutter Diameter83.0410.00023.01.50 £161.89
TM-MMF-14.00X1.0 10.00mm Cutter Diameter83.0410.00022.01.00 £161.89
TM-MMF-16.0X1.5 12.00mm Cutter Diameter83.0412.00026.01.50 £199.98
TM-MMF-16.0X1.0 12.00mm Cutter Diameter83.0412.00025.01.00 £199.98
TM-MMF-18.0X1.5 14.00mm Cutter Diameter92.0514.00029.01.50 £262.39
TM-MMF-18.0X1.0 14.00mm Cutter Diameter92.0514.00028.01.00 £262.39
TM-MMF-20.0X1.5 16.00mm Cutter Diameter92.0516.00032.01.50 £303.65
TM-MMF-20.0X1.0 16.00mm Cutter Diameter92.0516.00031.01.00 £303.65
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