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TSLOT - HSS T-Slot Cutter

TSLOT - HSS T-Slot Cutter

For milling T slots on existing milled slots. Used extensively for bolt slots. Autolock threaded shank supplied as standard but available with Plain or Weldon shank to order. Size range available in imperial and metric from 1/4" to 1" and 6.00 to 24.00 mm.

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Part No.

O/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Max Cutting Dia.InfoCutter Thickness Price Qty Add More
TSLOT-6.00 57.0610.00012.500Threaded6.00 £22.82
TSLOT-1/4 60.0612.70014.684Threaded6.35 £22.82
TSLOT-5/16 65.0612.70017.859Threaded7.94 £26.08
TSLOT-8.00 62.0610.00016.000Threaded8.00 £26.08
TSLOT-3/8 68.0612.70021.034Threaded9.18 £30.74
TSLOT-10.00 65.0612.00018.000Threaded8.00 £30.30
TSLOT-7/16 73.0612.70024.209Threaded10.72 £39.14
TSLOT-12.00 69.0612.00021.000Threaded9.00 £36.31
TSLOT-1/2 76.0612.70027.384Threaded11.91 £39.14
TSLOT-14.00 79.0616.00025.000Threaded11.00 £44.71
TSLOT-5/8 102.0825.40033.734Threaded14.68 £68.92
TSLOT-16.00 76.0616.00028.000Threaded12.00 £51.23
TSLOT-18.00 98.0825.00032.000Threaded14.00 £62.39
TSLOT-3/4 116.0825.40038.497Threaded17.46 £97.78
TSLOT-20.00 100.0825.00036.000Threaded16.00 £87.57
TSLOT-22.00 108.0825.00040.000Threaded18.00 £109.89
TSLOT-7/8 117.0825.40043.259Threaded20.24 £139.72
TSLOT-24.00 122.0825.00045.000Threaded20.00 £136.91
TSLOT-1 127.0825.40049.609Threaded23.02 £155.52
TSLOT-36.00 139.0832.00060.000Threaded28.00 £238.42
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