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EMCONV - Convex HSS Cutters

EMCONV - Convex HSS Cutters

Convex Cutters are designed for milling convex (female) half circles in most metals and may be sharpened without changing their face by grinding the face of the teeth. Right Hand Cut - Form Relieved.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.InfoCutter Radius Price Qty Add More
EMCONV-1/32 3/4 X R1/3276.0612.700WELDON0.79 £76.49
EMCONV-1/16 3/4 X R1/1676.0612.700WELDON1.59 £65.11
EMCONV-3/32 7/8 X R3/3276.0612.700WELDON2.38 £68.68
EMCONV-1/8 1.1/4 X R1/889.0619.050WELDON3.18 £89.24
EMCONV-5/32 1.5/16 X R5/3289.0619.050WELDON3.97 £91.29
EMCONV-3/16 1.3/8 X R3/1689.0619.050WELDON4.76 £97.23
EMCONV-1/4 1.1/2 X R1/4102.0619.050WELDON6.35 £124.77
EMCONV-5/16 1.5/8 X R5/16102.0619.050WELDON7.94 £159.61
EMCONV-3/8 1.3/4 X R3/8102.0619.050WELDON9.53 £172.72
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