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CMD - Double Angle Cutter

CMD - Double Angle Cutter

A range of Front and Back Chamfering Cutters available with 60° and 90° included angles. Produced in Solid Carbide, some with "Hard'X" coating.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Body LengthWorking Length Price Qty Add More
CMD3-1.00 1.00X90° Double Angle Cutter60.033.0005.0000.5 £45.38
CMD3X-1.00 1.00X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter60.033.0005.0000.5 £48.19
CMD3-1.50 1.50X90° Double Angle Cutter60.033.0006.0000.7 £43.65
CMD3X-1.50 1.50X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter60.033.0006.0000.7 £46.51
CMD3-1.80 1.80X90° Double Angle Cutter60.033.0008.0000.8 £41.95
CMD3X-1.80 1.80X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter60.033.0008.0000.8 £44.52
CMD3-2.00 2.00X90° Double Angle Cutter60.033.0008.0001.0 £41.94
CMD3X-2.00 2.00X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter60.033.0008.0001.0 £44.52
CMD4-2.80 2.80X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00010.0001.0 £51.83
CMD3-2.80 2.80X90° Double Angle Cutter60.033.00010.0001.0 £42.02
CMD3X-2.80 2.80X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter60.033.00010.0001.0 £44.63
CMD4X-2.80 2.80X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00010.0001.0 £55.80
CMD4-3.00 3.00X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00010.0001.0 £51.83
CMD3-3.00 3.00X90° Double Angle Cutter60.033.00010.0002.0 £42.02
CMD4X-3.00 3.0X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00010.0001.0 £55.80
CMD3X-3.00 3.00X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter60.033.00010.0002.0 £44.94
CMD4-3.80 3.80X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00012.0002.0 £53.46
CMD4X-3.80 3.8X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00012.0002.0 £58.53
CMD4-4.00 4.00X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00012.0002.0 £53.85
CMD4X-4.00 4.0X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00012.0002.0 £58.53
CMD4-4.80 4.80X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00015.0002.0 £56.38
CMD4X-4.80 4.8X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00015.0002.0 £60.70
CMD4-5.00 5.00X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00015.0002.0 £57.13
CMD4-5.00X60 5.00X60° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00015.0003.0 £72.74
CMD4X-5.00 5.0X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00015.0002.0 £60.70
CMD4X-5.00X60 5.0X60° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00015.0003.0 £75.27
CMD4-5.80 5.80X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00018.0003.0 £59.82
CMD4X-5.80 5.8X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00018.0003.0 £63.28
CMD4-6.00 6.00X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00018.0003.0 £59.65
CMD4X-6.00 6.0X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00018.0002.0 £62.57
CMD4-7.80 7.80X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0003.0 £76.82
CMD4X-7.80 7.80X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0003.0 £82.74
CMD4-8.00 8.00X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0003.0 £76.55
CMD4-8.00X60 8.00X60° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0005.0 £93.86
CMD4X-8.00 8.0X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0003.0 £82.00
CMD4X-8.00X60 8.0X60° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0005.0 £98.08
CMD4-9.80 9.80X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0004.0 £93.84
CMD4X-9.80 9.8X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0004.0 £99.77
CMD4-10.00 10.00X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0004.0 £94.34
CMD4X-10.00 10.0X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0004.0 £100.00
CMD4-11.80 11.80X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0006.0 £113.69
CMD4X-11.80 11.8X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0006.0 £120.26
CMD4-12.00 12.00X90° Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0006.0 £113.57
CMD4-12.00X60 12.00X60° Double Angle Cutter100.0410.00034.00011.0 £138.05
CMD4X-12.00 12.0X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.046.00034.0006.0 £120.21
CMD4X-12.00X60 12.0X60° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.0410.00034.00011.0 £144.54
CMD4-15.80 15.80X90° Double Angle Cutter100.0410.00034.0008.0 £152.03
CMD4X-15.80 15.8X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.0410.00034.0008.0 £158.89
CMD4-16.00 16.00X90° Double Angle Cutter100.0410.00034.0008.0 £152.03
CMD4X-16.00 16.0X90° Coated Double Angle Cutter100.0410.00034.0008.0 £158.87
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