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EMEL - HSS End Mill, Extra Length

EMEL - HSS End Mill, Extra Length

Size range available in Imperial and Metric from 3/8" to 2" and 8.00 to 50.00 mm.

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Part No.

Flute LengthO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Info Price Qty Add More
EMEL-8.00 70.0115.010.000Threaded £28.18
EMEL-3/8 102.0146.09.525Threaded £33.81
EMEL-10.00 100.0145.010.000Threaded £33.82
EMEL-12.00 100.0145.012.000Threaded £36.05
EMEL-1/2 102.0146.012.700Threaded £36.05
EMEL-14.00 85.0130.012.000Threaded £50.71
EMEL-5/8 127.0171.015.875Threaded £50.71
EMEL-16.00 125.0170.0416.000Threaded £50.71
EMEL-3/4 127.0171.015.875Threaded £67.61
EMEL-20.00 125.0170.0416.000Threaded £67.61
EMEL-22.00 120.0178.025.000Threaded £107.08
EMEL-25.00 160.0210.0625.000Threaded £110.21
EMEL-1 152.0210.025.400Threaded £107.06
EMEL-30.00 140.0198.025.000Threaded £137.47
EMEL-32.00 160.0222.032.000Threaded £157.74
EMEL-1.1/2 152.0210.031.750Threaded £197.10
EMEL-40.00 150.0210.032.000Threaded £184.16
EMEL-50.00 150.0210.032.000Threaded £315.52
EMEL-2 152.0210.031.750Threaded £315.51
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