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DOVINV - HSS Inverted Dovetail Cutter

DOVINV - HSS Inverted Dovetail Cutter

To produce dovetails sideways in machine tool tables, jigs and fixtures. Autolock threaded shank supplied as standard but available with Plain or Weldon shank to order. Size range available in metric from 13.00 to 38.00 mm.

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Part No.

Flute LengthO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Info Price Qty Add More
DOVINV-13.00X45 612.000Threaded £21.49
DOVINV-13.00X60 612.000Threaded £21.49
DOVINV-16.00X45 612.000Threaded £25.60
DOVINV-16.00X60 612.000Threaded £25.60
DOVINV-19.00X45 612.000Threaded £28.68
DOVINV-19.00X60 612.000Threaded £28.68
DOVINV-22.00X45 612.000Threaded £32.26
DOVINV-22.00X60 612.000Threaded £32.26
DOVINV-25.00X45 612.000Threaded £40.45
DOVINV-25.00X60 612.000Threaded £40.45
DOVINV-1X45 7.9612.700Threaded £39.95
DOVINV-1X60 11.9612.700Threaded £39.95
DOVINV-28.00X45 616.000Threaded £45.57
DOVINV-28.00X60 616.000Threaded £45.57
DOVINV-32.00X45 616.000Threaded £54.25
DOVINV-32.00X60 816.000Threaded £54.25
DOVINV-38.00X45 825.000Threaded £80.90
DOVINV-38.00X60 825.000Threaded £80.90
DOVINV-1.1/2X45 10.380.2825.400Threaded £89.12
DOVINV-1.1/2X60 15.985.7825.400Threaded £89.12
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