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SDCDIE - Carbide Die Sinking Cutter

SDCDIE - Carbide Die Sinking CutterTwo straight flutes with radiused end for accurate draft angle of 7 degree per side. Straight flute design is not as smooth cutting as spiral flutes, but does not deflect the milling spindle thus distorting the angle. Size range available from 1/8" to 1/2".

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Part No.

O/A LengthShank Dia.Cutter Radius Price Qty Add More
SDCDIE-1/8 38.03.1750.76 £27.01
SDCDIE-5/32 51.04.7621.02 £17.39
SDCDIE-3/16 51.04.7621.17 £18.94
SDCDIE-1/4 64.06.3501.58 £36.05
SDCDIE-3/8 64.09.5252.41 £31.69
SDCDIE-7/16 64.011.1122.77 £75.64
SDCDIE-1/2 51.012.7003.18 £52.62
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