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CRCCX- Corner Rounding Cutter Carbide Coated

CRCCX- Corner Rounding Cutter Carbide Coated

These Carbide Hard X Coated Corner Rounding Cutters are used to produce convex corner radii up to 90 degrees. Also known as Radius form end tools. Size range available from 0.10mm to 8.00mm with Plain shank.

These minature Carbide Corner Rounding Cutters are Hard X coated = hardness 1800 HV and 3500 HV to machine steels over 1300 Nimmo2. Treated steels up to 67 HRC, stainless steels, titanium alloys, hard bronzes, inconel, nimonic, waspaloy, hard cast irons and all other metals. Thermoplastics, nylons, Pvc, laminated materials, graphite, reinforced polymer with glassor carbon fibres, all ceramics and glass.

The radius is positioned in relation to the small diameter so it is possible to machine compound forms, small slots and holes from 0.50mm. These cutters are designed for CNC machines. They allow you to machine very thin materials.

Available uncoated

Imperial tools supplied from the USA by Ultra Tool. These tools are available uncoated but also with either TiAlN, TiN, and TiCN as standard or on request TiB2, PVD Diamond or CVD Diamond.

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Part No.

O/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Min Cutting Dia.Max Cutting Dia.Body LengthCutter Radius Price Qty Add More
CRCCX-0.10 50.023.0000.5000.8003.0000.10 £60.73
CRCCX-0.15 50.023.0000.5000.9003.0000.15 £60.73
CRCCX-0.20 50.023.0000.5001.0003.0000.20 £60.73
CRCCX-0.25 50.023.0000.5001.1003.0000.25 £58.19
CRCCX-0.30 50.023.0000.5001.2003.0000.30 £58.19
CRCCX-0.40 50.023.0000.5001.4003.0000.40 £58.19
CRCCX-0.50 50.023.0000.5001.6003.0000.50 £58.19
CRCCX-0.60 50.023.0000.5001.8003.0000.60 £58.19
CRCCX-0.70 50.023.0000.5002.0003.0000.70 £58.19
CRCCX-0.75 50.023.0000.5002.1003.0000.75 £58.19
CRCCX-0.80 50.023.0000.8002.5004.0000.80 £58.19
CRCCX-0.90 50.023.0000.8002.7004.0000.90 £58.19
CRCCX-1.00 50.023.0000.8002.9004.0001.00 £58.19
CRCCX-1.25 50.024.0000.8003.4004.0001.25 £70.88
CRCCX-1.50 50.025.0001.5004.6006.0001.50 £70.88
CRCCX-1.75 50.026.0001.5005.1006.0001.75 £70.88
CRCCX-2.00 50.026.0001.5005.6008.0002.00 £70.88
CRCCX-2.25 50.028.0001.5006.10010.0002.25 £85.53
CRCCX-2.50 50.028.0001.5006.60010.0002.50 £85.53
CRCCX-3.00 50.028.0001.5007.60010.0003.00 £85.53
CRCCX-4.00 55.0210.0001.90010.0004.00 £121.46
CRCCX-5.00 63.0212.0001.90012.0005.00 £133.59
CRCCX-6.00 74.0214.0001.90014.0006.00 £156.90
CRCCX-8.00 100.0220.0004.30020.0008.00 £349.17
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