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Solid Carbide Corner Rounding Cutter Double Ended AlTiN Coated

  • 3 Straight Flutes
  • Right Hand Cutting
  • Double Ended
  • 5° top and bottom flare out to avoid work piece contact
  • TiALN - a good choice of coating for a wide range of materials in both wet and dry applications. Materials up to 50HRc including steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

These tools are manufactured by Ultra Tool in the USA. They are also available uncoated or with alternate coatings:

Standard coatings listed:

AlTiN HSN2 is ideal for dry milling and high speed machining. Materials up to 70HRc including high temp exotics, nickel based alloys, die hardened steels.

TiN -excellent for lubricity and wear for general purpose in all materials up to 30HRc.

AlTiN HSN2 is ideal for dry milling and high speed machining. Materials up to 70HRc including high temp exotics, nickel based alloys, die hardened steels.

TiCN - For use in lower temp applications - aluminium, steel and stainless steel

Premium coatings available on request:

TiB2 - gives tremendous lubricity and reduced weld allows for dry milling. For use on aluminium, titanium and non-ferrous metals

PVD Diamond - Gives the sharpest diamond edge - this gives extreme hardness for wearability in graphites, plastics, silicon alloys and other abrasive materials.

CVD Diamond - this is the thickest diamond coating giving extreme hardness for long life (10-15x) in graphite, carbon, composite and high silicon aluminium.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Min Cutting Dia.Max Cutting Dia. Price Qty Add More
CRCCDETA-.010 TiAlN Coated51.033.1752.5403.175 £37.39
CRCCDETA-1/64 TiAlN Coated51.033.1752.2863.175 £37.39
CRCCDETA-.020 TiAlN Coated51.033.1752.0323.175 £37.39
CRCCDETA-.025 TiAlN Coated51.033.1751.7783.175 £37.39
CRCCDETA-1/32 TiAlN Coated51.033.1751.5243.175 £37.39
CRCCDETA-.035 TiAlN Coated64.036.3503.5566.350 £55.36
CRCCDETA-1.00 TiAlN Coated64.036.3503.5566.350 £55.36
CRCCDETA-3/64 TiAlN Coated64.036.3503.5566.350 £55.36
CRCCDETA-.050 TiAlN Coated64.036.3503.5566.350 £55.36
CRCCDETA-.055 TiAlN Coated64.036.3503.5566.350 £55.36
CRCCDETA-1.50 TiAlN Coated64.036.3503.5566.350 £55.36
CRCCDETA-1/16 TiAlN Coated64.036.3503.5566.350 £55.36
CRCCDETA-.070 TiAlN Coated64.036.3503.5566.350 £55.36
CRCCDETA-.075 TiAlN Coated64.036.3503.5566.350 £55.36
CRCCDETA-5/64 TiAlN Coated64.039.5252.9219.525 £88.99
CRCCDETA-2.00 TiAlN Coated64.039.5252.9219.525 £88.99
CRCCDETA-3/32 TiAlN Coated64.039.5252.9219.525 £88.99
CRCCDETA-2.50 TiAlN Coated64.039.5252.9219.525 £88.99
CRCCDETA-7/64 TiAlN Coated64.039.5252.9219.525 £88.99
CRCCDETA-3.00 TiAlN Coated64.039.5252.9219.525 £88.99
CRCCDETA-1/8 TiAlN Coated64.039.5252.9219.525 £88.99
CRCCDETA-9/64 TiAlN Coated76.0312.7003.04012.700 £136.84
CRCCDETA-5/32 TiAlN Coated76.0312.7003.04012.700 £136.84
CRCCDETA-4.00 TiAlN Coated76.0312.7003.04012.700 £136.84
CRCCDETA-11/64 TiAlN Coated76.0312.7003.04012.700 £136.84
CRCCDETA-3/16 TiAlN Coated76.0312.7003.04012.700 £136.84
CRCCDETA-5.00 TiAlN Coated89.0315.8753.04015.875 £162.33
CRCCDETA-13/64 TiAlN Coated89.0315.8753.04015.875 £162.33
CRCCDETA-7/32 TiAlN Coated89.0315.8753.04015.875 £162.33
CRCCDETA-15/64 TiAlN Coated89.0315.8753.04015.875 £162.33
CRCCDETA-6.00 TiAlN Coated89.0315.8753.04015.875 £162.33
CRCCDETA-1/4 TiAlN Coated89.0315.8753.04015.875 £162.33
CRCCDETA-9/32 TiAlN Coated102.0319.0503.04019.050 £213.09
CRCCDETA-19/64 TiAlN Coated102.0319.0503.04019.050 £213.09
CRCCDETA-5/16 TiAlN Coated102.0319.0503.04019.050 £213.09
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