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CONC-AAX - Carbide Conical Tapered End Mill, 1.1/2 deg per side

CONC-AAX - Carbide Conical Tapered End Mill, 1.1/2 deg per side

For rough and finish milling of draft angles / chamfers and slotting of tapered walls in most materials; Wet or dry; from easy to difficult machinability materials.

  • Standard square end to create sharp corners in finishing operations.
  • Multi-flute, three and four flute design allows for proper chip evacuation
    through a variety of materials and applications while maximizing machine performance when possible.
  • Variable lead helix provides increased tool engagement and rigidity.
  • Premium micro-grain carbide substrate resists chipping,
    tool deflection, and has a high transverse rupture strength for
    greater feeds and speeds.
  • Variable Core Design maximizes chip evacuation and provides
    increased rigidity when the cutter is fully engaged.
  • Ball end option for high performance contour milling in finishing operations available on request.
  • Uncoated for versatility. More than 16 available coatings can be added to increase tool life for your specific application and material.

Workpiece geometries are continuing to become considerably more complex, with pricing that is exponentially more competitive. Our Conical Tapered Carbide end mills feature advanced variable geometries to reduce harmonics, increase speeds and feeds and improve cycle times. Whether you need to finish sharp corners, contour mill with clearance, machine draft angles, add chamfers, finish cavities or taper holes; no one has a larger selection of in stock items, or the years of expertise, to help you select the right tool like we do.

Proper tool setup and selection can improve your running parts by nearly 3 fold. Rather than using a 7 multi-axis machine and substantial programming time to cut a draft angle, the use of our tapered end mills are able to improve the finish and dramatically increase production results.

Made in the USA

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Part No.

Flute LengthO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Min Cutting Dia.Max Cutting Dia.Taper In Deg. Price Qty Add More
CONC-AAX0001 6.464.033.1800.8001.1301.500 £51.86
CONCM-AAX0001 6.464.033.1800.8001.1301.500 £51.86
CONCM-AAX0002 £55.74
CONCM-AAX011 6.464.033.1801.1901.5201.500 £51.86
CONCM-AAX012 £55.74
CONCM-AAX003 £59.63
CONCM-AAX001 6.464.033.1801.5901.9201.500 £51.86
CONC-AAX002 12.750.836.3501.6002.2521.500 £42.15
CONC-AAX004 £42.79
CONCM-AAX002 £55.74
CONCM-AAX004 £63.51
CONCM-AAX022 £51.66
CONCM-AAX023 £55.74
CONCM-AAX024 £59.63
CONC-AAX103 £42.68
CONC-AAX104 £43.18
CONC-AAX206 £52.67
CONC-AAX204 £44.54
CONC-AAX308 51.0102.039.5254.7627.4221.500 £81.96
CONC-AAX305 £52.76
CONC-AAX405 £59.16
CONC-AAX409 57.0102.039.5256.3509.3421.500 £85.13
CONC-AAX605 38.089.0312.7009.52511.1891.500 £79.12
CONC-AAX609 57.089.0312.7009.52612.5171.500 £105.31
CONC-AAX809 57.1127.0315.87512.70015.6931.500 £200.48
CONC-AAX105 £48.53
CONC-AAX106 £66.95
CONC-AAX154 £62.89
CONC-AAX202 £43.18
CONC-AAX203 £43.96
CONC-AAX205 £62.77
CONC-AAX208 £55.30
CONC-AAX209 57.0102.036.3503.17561.6711.500 £56.69
CONC-AAX212 76.0127.037.9503.17571.6531.500 £84.97
CONC-AAX253 £46.14
CONC-AAX254 £50.77
CONC-AAX256 £53.33
CONC-AAX258 51.0102.037.9503.96266.2941.500 £62.20
CONC-AAX303 £49.27
CONC-AAX304 £54.18
CONC-AAX307 £78.20
CONC-AAX309 57.0102.039.5254.77577.5461.500 £86.88
CONC-AAX313 83.0127.039.5254.77590.8561.500 £97.01
CONC-AAX403 £83.05
CONC-AAX406 £60.63
CONC-AAX413 83.0127.0312.7006.350106.7301.500 £105.33
CONC-AAX613 83.0127.0314.3009.525138.4801.500 £132.45
CONC-AAX805 32.089.0315.87512.700143.6401.500 £100.37
CONC-AAX806 38.089.0315.87512.700146.9601.500 £102.87
CONC-AAX813 83.0127.0319.05012.700170.2301.500 £286.90
CONC-AAX1009 57.0102.0319.05015.875188.6701.500 £209.11
CONC-AAX1013 83.0152.0322.22515.875201.9801.500 £322.75
CONC-AAX1017 108.0178.0322.22515.875215.2901.500 £294.77
CONC-AAX1209 57.0102.0322.22519.050220.4201.500 £257.59
CONC-AAX1213 83.0152.0325.40019.050233.7301.500 £342.79
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