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Conical Tapered Minis can be used for slotting tapered walls and microfinishing applications. These end mills will rapidly and accurately remove material from precision and micro machining operations.

Use Ball end option for high performance contour
milling in finishing operations.

These tools excel at detailed, tight tolerance machining, to make draft angles and chamfers in all materials. Fabricated from the best performing micro- grain carbide available.

- Standard square end to create sharp corners in
finishing operations.
- Three flute design to balance chip evacuation and
tool engagement.

The smart vibration dampening geometry, works to demonstrate almost surgical milling. This end mill is perfect for applications
ranging from medical instruments to electronics.

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Part No.

Flute LengthO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Min Cutting Dia.Max Cutting Dia.Taper In Deg. Price Qty Add More
CONCBN-A0001 6.464.033.1800.8001.0201.000 £60.92
CONCBN-A0002 £64.80
CONCMBN-A0001 6.464.033.1800.8001.0201.000 £69.92
CONCMBN-A0002 £64.80
CONCMBN-A011 6.464.033.1801.1901.4101.000 £60.92
CONCMBN-A012 £64.80
CONCBN-A011 6.464.033.1801.1901.4101.000 £60.92
CONCBN-A012 £64.80
CONCBN-A001 6.464.033.1801.5901.8101.000 £60.92
CONCBN-A002 £64.80
CONCBN-A003 £68.70
CONCBN-A004 £72.57
CONCMBN-A001 6.464.033.1801.5901.8101.000 £60.92
CONCMBN-A002 £64.80
CONCMBN-A003 £68.70
CONCMBN-A004 £72.57
CONCMBN-A022 £60.92
CONCMBN-A023 £64.80
CONCMBN-A024 £68.70
CONCBN-A022 £60.92
CONCBN-A023 £64.80
CONCBN-A024 £68.70
Click on part number to check stock