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SDBN -HSS Slot Drill, Ball Nosed, Straight Shank

SDBN -HSS Slot Drill, Ball Nosed, Straight Shank

Ball Nose Slot Drills with Straight shank. Also available with threaded shanks. For radius slot milling, fillets, die sinking and profile milling. Size range available in imperial and metric from 0.010" to 1.1/2" and 0.60 to 40.00 mm. Special sizes are available to order. Please contact sales@drill-service.co.uk.

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Part No.

Flute LengthO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Info Price Qty Add More
SDBN-.010 0.838.023.175Straight £17.08
SDBN-1/64 £17.39
SDBN-.020 1.538.023.175Staright £18.83
SDBN-.030 £17.59
SDBN-1/32 2.338.024.762Staright £16.45
SDBN-1.00X3/16 £15.43
SDBN-1.00X3/16ST 1.538.024.762Staraight £15.00
SDBN-1.10 3.338.024.762Staright £19.46
SDBN-3/64 3.638.024.762Staright £16.64
SDBN-1.25 3.838.024.762Staright £15.43
SDBN-1.50 4.538.024.762Staright £14.48
SDBN-1/16X3/16 4.538.024.762Staright £13.66
SDBN-1.60 4.838.024.762Staright £19.30
SDBN-.070 5.438.024.762Staright £13.57
SDBN-1.80 5.438.024.762Staright £14.48
SDBN-5/64 5.938.024.762Staright £15.84
SDBN-2.00R £16.05
SDBN-2.00X1/8 £14.48
SDBN-3/32X3/16 £15.84
SDBN-2.50X3/16 7.538.024.762Staright £16.45
SDBN-7/64 8.338.024.762Staright £15.84
SDBN-3.00X3/16 £14.85
SDBN-1/8X3/16 9.538.024.762Staright £13.66
SDBN-3.50 £14.85
SDBN-9/64 £15.84
SDBN-5/32X3/16 £15.84
SDBN-3/16X3/16 £15.84
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