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EMCCOPY - SDCCOPY - Carbide Profiling Cutters

EMCCOPY - SDCCOPY - Carbide Profiling Cutters

Solid Carbide Long Nose 2 and 4 Flute cutters with AlCrN Coating for profiling operations. The cutters work best when back milling with a cutter angle of 15°. This greatly reduces cutting resistance enabling higher feed rates and giving excellent surface finish.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Body LengthWorking LengthCutter Radius Price Qty Add More
SDCCOPY-3.00 3.00mm80.026.00030.0004.01.50 £35.18
SDCCOPY-4.00 4.00mm80.026.00030.0005.02.00 £35.88
SDCCOPY-5.00 5.00mm80.026.00030.0006.02.50 £35.20
EMCCOPY-5.00 5.00mm80.046.00030.0006.02.50 £35.20
EMCCOPY-6.00 6.00mm100.046.00030.0007.03.00 £39.72
SDCCOPY-6.00 6.00mm100.026.00030.0007.03.00 £39.72
SDCCOPY-8.00 8.00mm100.028.00036.0009.04.00 £58.97
EMCCOPY-8.00 8.00mm100.048.00036.0009.04.00 £58.97
SDCCOPY-10.00 10.00mm100.0210.00043.00011.05.00 £97.72
EMCCOPY-10.00 10.00mm100.0410.00043.00011.05.00 £97.72
EMCCOPY-12.00 12.00mm100.0412.00052.00013.06.00 £120.97
SDCCOPY-12.00 12.00mm100.0212.00052.00013.06.00 £120.97
SDCCOPY-16.00 16.00mm150.0216.00061.00015.08.00 £218.21
EMCCOPY-16.00 16.00mm150.0416.00061.00015.08.00 £218.21
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