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DCTTINTC - Kooltwist TiN Coated Carbide Tipped Drill, Helical Flute, Through Coolant

DCTTINTC - Kooltwist TiN Coated Carbide Tipped Drill, Helical Flute, Through Coolant

Kooltwist drills have a helical flute to give a positive rake angle for drilling some of the more difficult materials. The construction is rugged stub length with a fairly wide chisel. Preferred on shallow holes where a good finish and high feed rate are required. Point angle 125 degree four-facet. Size range available from 1/4" to 1.1/8".

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthPoint Angle Price Qty Add More
DCTTINTC-1/4 6.35mm39.0100.0125 £158.08
DCTTINTC-6.50 6.50mm39.0100.0125 £133.64
DCTTINTC-7.00 7.00mm40.0102.0125 £244.45
DCTTINTC-7.50 7.50mm40.0102.0125 £139.32
DCTTINTC-5/16 7.938mm44.0106.0125 £241.95
DCTTINTC-8.00 8.00mm44.0106.0125 £244.66
DCTTINTC-8.50 8.50mm49.0110.0125 £145.01
DCTTINTC-11/32 8.731mm49.0110.0125 £137.75
DCTTINTC-9.00 9.00mm49.0110.0125 £145.01
DCTTINTC-9.50 9.50mm54.0115.0125 £204.92
DCTTINTC-3/8 9.525mm54.0115.0125 £241.95
DCTTINTC-10.00 10.00mm58.0119.0125 £269.32
DCTTINTC-10.50 10.50mm58.0119.0125 £153.37
DCTTINTC-11.00 11.00mm64.0125.0125 £269.32
DCTTINTC-11.50 11.50mm67.0129.0125 £153.37
DCTTINTC-12.00 12.00mm67.0129.0125 £153.37
DCTTINTC-12.50 12.50mm71.0133.0125 £269.32
DCTTINTC-1/2 12.70mm71.0133.0125 £259.58
DCTTINTC-13.50 13.50mm70.0137.0125 £153.37
DCTTINTC-15.00 15.00mm83.0144.0125 £160.42
DCTTINTC-15.50 15.50mm87.0148.0125 £160.42
DCTTINTC-11/16 17.463mm97.0157.0125 £189.35
DCTTINTC-17.50 17.50mm97.0157.0125 £214.72
DCTTINTC-18.00 18.00mm100.0161.0125 £177.30
DCTTINTC-18.50 18.50mm100.0161.0125 £177.30
DCTTINTC-19.00 19.00mm104.0166.0125 £177.30
DCTTINTC-19.50 19.50mm108.0172.0125 £214.72
DCTTINTC-20.00 20.00mm108.0172.0125 £205.49
DCTTINTC-20.50 20.50mm111.0176.0125 £205.49
DCTTINTC-21.00 21.00mm116.0180.0125 £205.49
DCTTINTC-21.50 21.50mm116.0180.0125 £248.85
DCTTINTC-22.00 22.00mm119.0182.0125 £205.49
DCTTINTC-23.00 23.00mm124.0187.0125 £218.11
DCTTINTC-23.50 23.50mm127.0191.0125 £218.11
DCTTINTC-24.50 24.50mm131.0195.0125 £229.37
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