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DCTCORETS - Carbide Tipped Core Drill, Taper Shank

DCTCORETS - Carbide Tipped Core Drill, Taper Shank

Long carbide tips supported on hardened steel body with deep flutes for good chip disposal when removing up to 25% of the tool diameter. Point angle 118 degrees. Size range available from 12.00mm to 1.1/2.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthFlutesMorse Taper SizePoint Angle Price Qty Add More
DCTCORETS-12.00 12.00mm111.0210.042118 £118.06
DCTCORETS-1/2 12.7mm111.0210.042118 £106.35
DCTCORETS-9/16 14.288mm111.0210.042118 £106.70
DCTCORETS-5/8 15.875mm111.0210.042118 £112.15
DCTCORETS-16.00 16.00mm111.0210.042118 £125.03
DCTCORETS-11/16 17.463mm111.0210.042118 £114.40
DCTCORETS-18.00 18.00mm111.0210.042118 £158.45
DCTCORETS-3/4 19.05mm111.0210.042118 £114.40
DCTCORETS-20.00 20.00mm111.0210.042118 £131.83
DCTCORETS-22.00 22.00mm124.0241.043118 £138.26
DCTCORETS-7/8 22.225mm124.0241.043118 £126.60
DCTCORETS-15/16 23.813mm124.0241.043118 £127.36
DCTCORETS-24.00 24.00mm124.0241.043118 £143.76
DCTCORETS-1 25.4mm124.0241.043118 £134.61
DCTCORETS-26.00 26.00mm124.0241.043118 £147.28
DCTCORETS-1.1/16 26.988mm124.0241.043118 £137.44
DCTCORE-1.1/16 26.988mm124.0241.04118 £137.44
DCTCORETS-28.00 28.00mm124.0260.044118 £179.15
DCTCORETS-1.1/8 28.575mm124.0260.044118 £167.43
DCTCORETS-30.00 30.00mm124.0260.044118 £191.74
DCTCORETS-1.3/16 30.163mm124.0260.044118 £179.97
DCTCORETS-1.1/4 31.75mm124.0260.044118 £181.36
DCTCORETS-32.00 32.00mm124.0260.044118 £205.99
DCTCORETS-1.5/16 36.513mm124.0260.044118 £199.71
DCTCORETS-34.00 34.00mm124.0260.044118 £215.62
DCTCORETS-1.3/8 34.925mm124.0260.044118 £219.92
DCTCORETS-36.00 36.00mm124.0260.044118 £231.61
DCTCORETS-1.7/16 36.513mm124.0260.044118 £219.92
DCTCORETS-38.00 38.00mm124.0260.044118 £242.97
DCTCORETS-1.1/2 38.10mm124.0260.044118 £231.25
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