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DAPTSALCR - HSCo AlCr Coated Drills

DAPTSALCR - HSCo AlCr Coated Drills

These Stub Length Taper Shank Cobalt Drills are AlCr coated for use on resistant materials. The special Reinforced Web resists Cutting Forces better. The AlCr Coating reduces Cutting Edge Wear, Smaller sizes available with a straight shank code DAPALCR.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthMorse Taper SizePoint Angle Price Qty Add More
DAPTSALCR-18.00 18.00mm77.0175.02135 £112.85
DAPTSALCR-19.00 19.00mm80.0201.02135 £132.60
DAPTSALCR-20.00 20.00mm83.0204.02135 £146.08
DAPTSALCR-21.00 21.00mm87.0208.02135 £161.89
DAPTSALCR-22.00 22.00mm90.0211.02135 £171.69
DAPTSALCR-23.00 23.00mm94.0215.02135 £184.17
DAPTSALCR-24.00 24.00mm98.0219.03135 £192.69
DAPTSALCR-25.00 25.00mm98.0219.03135 £215.79
DAPTSALCR-26.00 26.00mm103.0224.03135 £230.80
DAPTSALCR-27.00 27.00mm107.0256.03135 £244.05
DAPTSALCR-28.00 28.00mm107.0256.03135 £258.92
DAPTSALCR-30.00 30.00mm112.0261.03135 £289.42
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