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DTP - HSS Taper Pin Drill

DTP - HSS Taper Pin Drill

This drill is for drilling taper pin holes in solid materials prior to using the appropriate reamer to finish the hole. Point angle 118 degrees. Fractional sizes from 3/32" to 1/2" and Metric sizes from 1.00 to 12.00. Manufactured to DIN 1898A.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthMin Cutting Dia.Max Cutting Dia.Point Angle Price Qty Add More
DTP-1.50 1.50mm32.050.01.480118 £36.57
DTP-2.00 2.00mm43.065.01.980118 £37.57
DTP-3/32 2.381mm40.065.01.690118 £22.93
DTP-2.50 2.50mm61.089.02.330118 £24.60
DTP-7/64 2.778mm48.073.02.000118 £27.97
DTP-3.00 3.00mm71.098.02.840118 £26.89
DTP-1/8 3.175mm52.079.02.230118 £23.50
DTP-9/64 3.572mm57.083.02.500118 £25.74
DTP-5/32 3.969mm59.086.02.890118 £26.83
DTP-4.00 4.00mm88.0119.03.780118 £29.10
DTP-3/16 4.763mm83.0111.03.370118 £31.33
DTP-5.00 5.00mm105.0138.04.700118 £35.84
DTP-7/32 5.556mm84.0114.04.000118 £43.63
DTP-6.00 6.00mm139.0179.05.7108.490118 £44.78
DTP-1/4 6.35mm100.0133.04.510118 £41.42
DTP-9/32 7.144mm124.0159.05.040118 £53.72
DTP-8.00 8.00mm167.0211.07.640118 £68.26
DTP-11/32 8.731mm135.0175.06.240118 £78.33
DTP-3/8 9.525mm152.0197.06.770118 £70.51
DTP-10.00 10.00mm192.0246.09.650118 £85.05
DTP-13/32 10.319mm171.0216.07.160118 £87.28
DTP-7/16 11.113mm171.0222.07.940118 £87.28
DTP-12.00 12.00mm210.0290.011.650118 £183.74
DTP-1/2 12.70mm194.0248.09.140118 £101.84
DTP-9/16 14.288mm118 £128.70
DTP-16.00 16.00mm118 £135.03
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