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DCTSF - Carbide Tipped Drill, Straight Flute, Heavy Duty

DCTSF - Carbide Tipped Drill, Straight Flute, Heavy Duty

These drills are manufactured with straight flutes and hardened steel bodies, providing maximum support for the thick, extra long carbide tips. A negative rake angle adds extra strength to the cutting edge needed in drilling extremely hard materials. These drills are recommended for drilling hardened steels from 45 to 65 Rockwell C. Do not let drill dwell in the hole and keep a steady pressure on drill to keep cutting. Clean chips from drill flutes by withdrawing from the hole at frequent intervals. Flood drill with coolant during complete drilling operation. Keep sharp. Heavy Duty drills may drill slightly oversize. Close tolerances may be obtained with subsequent reaming operation with tipped or solid carbide reamer. Point angle 118 degrees. Size range available from 9/64" to 3/4".

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthPoint Angle Price Qty Add More
DCTSF-5/32 7.938mm118 £17.65
DCTSF-3/16 4.763mm38.089.0118 £18.81
DCTSF-13/64 5.159mm44.095.0118 £19.30
DCTSF-5.50 5.50mm44.095.0118 £23.91
DCTSF-6.00 6.00mm51.0102.0118 £23.85
DCTSF-1/4 6.35mm51.0102.0118 £20.14
DCTSF-6.50 6.50mm57.0108.0118 £25.34
DCTSF-17/64 6.747mm57.0108.0118 £21.32
DCTSF-7.00 7.00mm57.0108.0118 £25.29
DCTSF-9/32 7.144mm57.0108.0118 £21.32
DCTSF-7.50 7.50mm64.0114.0118 £26.45
DCTSF-5/16 7.938mm64.0114.0118 £22.20
DCTSF-8.00 8.00mm64.0114.0118 £28.57
DCTSF-8.50 8.50mm70.0121.0118 £28.57
DCTSF-11/32 8.731mm70.0121.0118 £23.90
DCTSF-9.00 9.00mm76.0127.0118 £30.38
DCTSF-23/64 9.128mm76.0127.0118 £25.50
DCTSF-9.50 9.50mm76.0127.0118 £24.39
DCTSF-3/8 9.525mm76.0127.0118 £25.50
DCTSF-25/64 9.922mm76.0133.0118 £29.70
DCTSF-10.00 10.00mm76.0133.0118 £35.44
DCTSF-13/32 10.319mm76.0133.0118 £29.70
DCTSF-10.50 10.50mm76.0133.0118 £41.11
DCTSF-27/64 10.716mm76.0140.0118 £34.49
DCTSF-11.00 11.00mm76.0140.0118 £41.11
DCTSF-7/16 11.113mm76.0140.0118 £34.49
DCTSF-29/64 11.509mm83.0146.0118 £37.99
DCTSF-15/32 11.906mm83.0146.0118 £37.99
DCTSF-12.00 12.00mm83.0146.0118 £52.97
DCTSF-12.50 12.50mm89.0152.0118 £52.97
DCTSF-1/2 12.70mm89.0152.0118 £44.52
DCTSF-13.00 13.00mm89.0152.0118 £60.73
DCTSF-17/32 13.494mm89.0152.0118 £51.00
DCTSF-13.50 13.50mm89.0152.0118 £56.88
DCTSF-14.00 14.00mm89.0152.0118 £62.89
DCTSF-9/16 14.288mm89.0152.0118 £52.79
DCTSF-19/32 15.081mm102.0178.0118 £55.88
DCTSF-5/8 15.875mm102.0178.0118 £60.62
DCTSF-11/16 17.463mm114.0190.0118 £70.18
DCTSF-23/32 18.265mm121.0203.0118 £73.58
DCTSF-3/4 19.05mm121.0203.0118 £75.53
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