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DCSFLSTC - Solid Carbide Long Series Through Coolant Drill

DCSFLSTC - Solid Carbide Long Series Through Coolant Drill

These high performance long series straight flute drills with internal cooling come on a unified shank. Ideal for machining short chipping and brittle material. The coolant aides better chipflow. Minimum coolant pressure 10 bar.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthShank Dia. Price Qty Add More
DCSFLSTC-5.00 5.00mm94.0132.06.000 £64.98
DCSFLSTC-5.50 5.50mm101.0139.06.000 £64.98
DCSFLSTC-6.00 6.00mm101.0139.06.000 £60.58
DCSFLSTC-6.50 6.50mm127.0165.08.000 £88.27
DCSFLSTC-6.80 6.80mm127.0165.08.000 £88.27
DCSFLSTC-7.00 7.00mm127.0165.08.000 £88.27
DCSFLSTC-7.50 7.50mm127.0165.08.000 £88.27
DCSFLSTC-8.00 8.00mm127.0165.08.000 £79.80
DCSFLSTC-8.50 8.50mm142.0184.010.000 £119.28
DCSFLSTC-9.00 9.00mm142.0184.010.000 £119.28
DCSFLSTC-10.00 10.00mm142.0184.010.000 £110.50
DCSFLSTC-10.20 10.20mm158.0205.012.000 £140.53
DCSFLSTC-10.50 10.50mm158.0205.012.000 £140.53
DCSFLSTC-11.00 11.00mm158.0205.012.000 £152.44
DCSFLSTC-11.50 11.50mm158.0205.012.000 £152.44
DCSFLSTC-12.00 12.00mm158.0205.012.000 £140.03
DCSFLSTC-12.50 12.50mm167.0214.014.000 £204.33
DCSFLSTC-13.00 13.00mm167.0214.014.000 £204.33
DCSFLSTC-14.00 14.00mm167.0214.014.000 £189.75
DCSFLSTC-15.00 15.00mm177.0227.016.000 £269.13
DCSFLSTC-16.00 16.00mm177.0227.016.000 £349.48
DCSFLSTC-17.00 17.00mm191.0241.018.000 £349.48
DCSFLSTC-18.00 18.00mm191.0241.018.000 £349.48
DCSFLSTC-20.00 20.00mm202.0254.020.000 £435.98
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