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DCSPADE - Carbide Drill, Spade Type, for Metals

DCSPADE - Carbide Drill, Spade Type, for Metals

This drill is for use on very hard metals that require a stronger cutting edge than that provided by conventional rake angles. Suitable for drilling HSS, Stellite and hard alloys. Run slow with constant feed. If using coolant, keep a constant flow. Point angle 118 degrees. Size range available from 1.000mm to 1/2".

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthPoint Angle Price Qty Add More
DCSPADE-1.00 1.00mm38.0118 £10.42
DCSPADE-1.50 1.50mm38.0118 £10.39
DCSPADE-1/16 1.588mm9.538.0118 £11.47
DCSPADE-2.00 2.00mm38.0118 £10.39
DCSPADE-3/32 2.381mm38.0118 £10.39
DCSPADE-3.00 3.00mm38.0118 £11.46
DCSPADE-1/8 3.175mm38.0118 £10.39
DCSPADE-5/32 3.969mm38.0118 £10.39
DCSPADE-3/16 4.763mm38.0118 £12.27
DCSPADE-7/32 5.556mm51.0118 £15.50
DCSPADE-1/4 6.35mm51.0118 £17.82
DCSPADE-7.00 7.00mm50.0118 £17.26
DCSPADE-9/32 7.144mm51.0118 £22.58
DCSPADE-5/16 7.938mm51.0118 £23.79
DCSPADE-8.00 8.00mm55.0118 £22.88
DCSPADE-11/32 8.731mm63.0118 £27.05
DCSPADE-9.00 9.00mm55.0118 £32.64
DCSPADE-3/8 9.525mm63.0118 £37.20
DCSPADE-10.00 10.00mm55.0118 £35.97
DCSPADE-13/32 10.319mm63.0118 £32.06
DCSPADE-11.00 11.00mm55.0118 £44.00
DCSPADE-7/16 11.113mm63.0118 £34.05
DCSPADE-15/32 11.906mm63.0118 £40.64
DCSPADE-12.00 12.00mm55.0118 £47.85
DCSPADE-1/2 12.70mm63.0118 £46.94
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