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DCSPADEG - Carbide Drill, Spade Type, for Glass

DCSPADEG - Carbide Drill, Spade Type, for Glass

For cutting glass and ceramics. The sharp point helps to reduce chipping at breakthrough. Must be run very slow. For drilling glass flood with turpentine. Point angle 60 degrees. Size range available from 1.000mm to 12.700mm.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthPoint Angle Price Qty Add More
DCSPADEG-1.00 1.00mm38.060 £11.02
DCSPADEG-1.50 1.50mm38.060 £11.05
DCSPADEG-2.00 2.00mm38.060 £11.05
DCSPADEG-3/32 2.381mm38.060 £11.02
DCSPADEG-1/8 3.175mm38.060 £11.02
DCSPADEG-5/32 3.969mm38.060 £11.02
DCSPADEG-3/16 4.763mm38.060 £12.99
DCSPADEG-7/32 5.556mm51.060 £16.42
DCSPADEG-6.00 6.00mm50.060 £14.19
DCSPADEG-1/4 6.35mm51.060 £18.87
DCSPADEG-7.00 7.00mm50.060 £17.26
DCSPADEG-9/32 7.144mm51.060 £26.45
DCSPADEG-5/16 7.938mm51.060 £18.66
DCSPADEG-8.00 8.00mm55.060 £22.88
DCSPADEG-11/32 8.731mm63.060 £28.68
DCSPADEG-3/8 9.525mm63.060 £30.66
DCSPADEG-10.00 10.00mm55.060 £35.97
DCSPADEG-13/32 10.319mm63.060 £34.00
DCSPADEG-11.00 11.00mm55.060 £44.00
DCSPADEG-7/16 11.113mm63.060 £36.10
DCSPADEG-15/32 11.906mm63.060 £43.08
DCSPADEG-12.00 12.00mm55.060 £47.85
DCSPADEG-1/2 12.70mm63.060 £45.15
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