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DHRLH - HSS Left Hand Half Round Drills

DHRLH - HSS Left Hand Half Round DrillsIdeal for drilling precision holes in Brass and in other materials with care. Feed rates should be increased and speeds reduced when compared with normal drills. Hole depths up to 10x can be achieved without relieving. Point angle 118 degrees.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthPoint Angle Price Qty Add More
DHRLH-#76 0.508mm4.822.0118 £7.82
DHRLH-#73 0.610mm7.929.0118 £7.82
DHRLH-#72 0.635mm7.929.0118 £7.82
DHRLH-1/32 0.794mm13.035.0118 £5.91
DHRLH-#67 0.813mm13.035.0118 £5.91
DHRLH-#57 1.092mm19.044.0118 £5.80
DHRLH-#54 1.397mm22.048.0118 £5.80
DHRLH-#53 1.511mm22.048.0118 £6.04
DHRLH-#46 2.057mm29.054.0118 £6.53
DHRLH-2.30 2.30mm29.057.0118 £9.66
DHR-#29SLH 3.454mm18.049.0118 £2.78
DHRLH-#29 3.454mm45.073.0118 £4.93
DHR-#22SLH 3.988mm Stub27.054.0118 £3.13
DHRLH-#19 4.216mm54.083.0118 £7.50
DHRLH-4.70 4.70mm59.088.0118 £13.35
DHR-#4SLH 5.309mm32.060.0118 £4.14
DHRLH-15/64 5.953mm67.098.0118 £13.09
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