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DCORE - HSS Core Drill, 3 Flute, Straight Shank

DCORE - HSS Core Drill, 3 Flute, Straight Shank

This drill should be used for opening out existing holes. Point angle 118 degrees. Size range available from 4.80mm to 16.00mm.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthO/A LengthFlutesPoint Angle Price Qty Add More
DCORE-4.80 4.80mm74.0108.03118 £20.09
DCORE-5.00 5.00mm74.0108.03118 £20.09
DCORE-5.80 5.80mm80.0116.03118 £20.09
DCORE-6.00 6.00mm80.0116.03118 £20.09
DCORE-6.80 6.80mm93.0133.03118 £21.93
DCORE-7.00 7.00mm93.0133.03118 £21.93
DCORE-7.80 7.80mm100.0142.03118 £25.57
DCORE-8.00 8.00mm100.0142.03118 £25.57
DCORE-8.80 8.80mm107.0151.03118 £26.94
DCORE-9.00 9.00mm107.0151.03118 £26.94
DCORE-9.80 9.80mm116.0162.03118 £29.67
DCORE-10.00 10.00mm116.0162.03118 £29.67
DCORE-10.75 10.75mm125.0173.03118 £38.04
DCORE-11.00 11.00mm125.0173.03118 £36.07
DCORE-11.75 11.75mm134.0184.03118 £38.57
DCORE-12.00 12.00mm134.0184.03118 £36.55
DCORE-12.50 12.50mm134.0184.03118 £66.64
DCORE-12.75 12.75mm134.0184.03118 £47.54
DCORE-13.00 13.00mm134.0184.03118 £45.65
DCORE-13.00L 13.00mm210.0284.03118 £55.00
DCORE-13.75 13.75mm142.0194.03118 £56.01
DCORE-14.00 14.00mm142.0194.03118 £52.05
DCORE-14.75 14.75mm147.0202.03118 £61.28
DCORE-15.00 15.00mm147.0202.03118 £57.53
DCORE-15.75 15.75mm153.0211.03118 £67.63
DCORE-16.00 16.00mm153.0211.03118 £63.91
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