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CBCO - Cobalt Counterbores

CBCO - Cobalt CounterboresA wide range of solid HSCo Counterbores to cover a wide range of applications where variation in Cap Screw fits is necessary. Close, Fine and Medium fits are accommodated together with options where the pilot hole is pre-drilled for later threading. We can also manufacture or modify tools for special sizes.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthFlutesShank Dia.Pilot Dia. Price Qty Add Info
CBCO-2.2X1.1 2.20mm Body Diameter45.02.2001.100 £16.45
CBCO-2.5X1.3 2.50mm Body Diameter45.02.5001.300 £16.45
CBCO-2.8X1.5 2.80mm Body Diameter45.02.8001.500 £15.19
CBCO-3.2X1.5 3.20mm Body Diameter45.03.2001.500 £15.19
CBCO-3.3X1.7 3.30mm Body Diameter56.03.3001.700 £15.19
CBCO-3.8X1.8 3.80mm Body Diameter56.03.8001.800 £15.19
CBCO-4.2X2.0 4.20mm Body Diameter56.04.2002.000 £15.19
CBCO-4.3X2.2 4.30mm Body Diameter56.04.3002.200 £15.19
CBCO-4.3X2.4 4.30mm Body Diameter56.04.3002.400 £15.19
CBCO-4.6X2.4 4.60mm Body Diameter56.04.6002.400 £16.64
CBCO-5.2X2.5 5.20mm Body Diameter56.035.2002.500 £16.22
CBCO-6.0X2.5 6.00mm Body Diameter71.06.0002.500 £16.64
CBCO-5.0X2.7 5.00mm Body Diameter56.05.0002.700 £16.22
CBCO-5.5X2.8 5.50mm Body Diameter56.05.5002.800 £16.22
CBCO-5.0X2.9 5.00mm Body Diameter56.05.0002.900 £16.22
CBCO-6.5X2.9 6.50mm Body Diameter71.06.5002.900 £16.64
CBCO-5.2X3.0 5.20mm Body Diameter56.05.2003.000 £16.64
CBCO-5.5X3.0 5.50mm Body Diameter56.05.5003.000 £16.22
CBCO-5.7X3.0 5.70mm Body Diameter71.05.7003.000 £16.64
CBCO-6.2X3.0 6.20mm Body Diameter71.06.2003.000 £16.85
CBCO-6.0X3.2 6.00mm Body Diameter71.06.0003.200 £16.64
CBCO-8.0X3.3 8.00mm Body Diameter71.08.0003.300 £16.85
CBCO-6.0X3.4 6.00mm Body Diameter71.06.0003.400 £16.64
CBCO-6.5X3.4 6.50mm Body Diameter71.06.5003.400 £16.85
CBCO-7.2X3.5 7.20mm Body Diameter71.07.2003.500 £19.36
CBCO-6.5X3.7 6.50mm Body Diameter71.06.5003.700 £16.64
CBCO-6.5X3.9 6.50mm Body Diameter71.06.5003.900 £16.64
CBCO-7.2X4.0 7.20mm Body Diameter71.037.2004.000 £16.85
CBCO-8.2X4.0 8.20mm Body Diameter71.08.2004.000 £21.22
CBCO-10.0X4.2 10.00mm Body Diameter80.010.0004.200 £19.36
CBCO-7.4X4.3 7.40mm Body Diameter71.07.4004.300 £19.36
CBCO-8.0X4.3 8.00mm Body Diameter71.08.0004.300 £16.85
CBCO-8.0X4.5 8.00mm Body Diameter71.08.0004.500 £16.85
CBCO-9.2X4.5 9.20mm Body Diameter80.09.2004.500 £21.22
CBCO-8.2X5.0 8.20mm Body Diameter71.08.2005.000 £21.22
CBCO-8.7X5.0 8.70mm Body Diameter71.08.7005.000 £19.36
CBCO-9.2X5.0 9.20mm Body Diameter80.09.2005.000 £19.36
CBCO-10.2X5.0 10.20mm Body Diameter80.010.2005.000 £21.64
CBCO-11.0X5.0 11.00mm Body Diameter80.011.0005.000 £21.64
CBCO-9.4X5.3 9.40mm Body Diameter71.09.4005.300 £21.22
CBCO-10.0X5.3 10.00mm Body Diameter80.0310.0005.300 £19.36
CBCO-9.5X5.5 9.50mm Body Diameter80.09.5005.500 £21.22
CBCO-10.0X5.5 10.00mm Body Diameter80.010.0005.500 £19.36
CBCO-10.2X6.0 10.20mm Body Diameter80.010.2006.000 £21.22
CBCO-12.2X6.0 12.20mm Body Diameter80.012.2006.000 £28.30
CBCO-10.4X6.4 10.40mm Body Diameter80.010.4006.400 £21.64
CBCO-11.0X6.4 11.00mm Body Diameter80.011.0006.400 £21.64
CBCO-11.0X6.6 11.00mm Body Diameter80.011.0006.600 £21.64
CBCO-15.0X6.8 15.00mm Body Diameter100.012.5006.800 £28.93
CBCO-10.2X7.0 10.20mm Body Diameter80.010.2007.000 £24.14
CBCO-12.2X7.0 12.20mm Body Diameter80.012.2007.000 £27.47
CBCO-14.2X7.0 14.20mm Body Diameter100.012.5007.000 £34.13
CBCO-15.2X7.5 15.20mm Body Diameter100.012.5007.500 £53.26
CBCO-13.2X8.0 13.20mm Body Diameter100.012.5008.000 £28.93
CBCO-14.2X8.0 14.20mm Body Diameter100.012.5008.000 £28.93
CBCO-16.2X8.0 16.20mm Body Diameter100.012.5008.000 £39.95
CBCO-13.5X8.4 13.50mm Body Diameter100.012.5008.400 £29.96
CBCO-15.0X8.4 15.00mm Body Diameter100.012.5008.400 £28.93
CBCO-18.0X8.5 18.00mm Body Diameter100.012.5008.500 £37.86
CBCO-14.0X9.0 14.00mm Body Diameter100.012.5009.000 £29.96
CBCO-15.0X9.0 15.00mm Body Diameter100.012.5009.000 £28.93
CBCO-16.2X9.0 16.20mm Body Diameter100.012.5009.000 £39.95
CBCO-18.2X9.0 18.20mm Body Diameter100.012.5009.000 £53.26
CBCO-16.2X10.0 16.20mm Body Diameter100.012.50010.000 £37.86
CBCO-17.2X10.0 17.20mm Body Diameter100.012.50010.000 £37.86
CBCO-18.2X10.0 18.20mm Body Diameter100.012.50010.000 £53.26
CBCO-20.2X10.0 20.20mm Body Diameter100.012.50010.000 £59.92
CBCO-20.0X10.2 20.00mm Body Diameter100.012.50010.200 £51.60
CBCO-16.5X10.5 16.50mm Body Diameter100.012.50010.500 £39.95
CBCO-18.0X10.5 18.00mm Body Diameter100.012.50010.500 £37.86
CBCO-17.5X11.0 17.50mm Body Diameter100.012.50011.000 £39.95
CBCO-18.0X11.0 18.00mm Body Diameter100.012.50011.000 £37.86
CBCO-18.2X12.0 18.20mm Body Diameter100.012.50012.000 £51.60
CBCO-19.2X12.0 19.20mm Body Diameter100.012.50012.000 £51.60
CBCO-19.0X13.0 19.00mm Body Diameter100.012.50013.000 £53.26
CBCO-20.0X13.0 20.00mm Body Diameter100.012.50013.000 £51.60
CBCO-20.0X14.0 20.00mm Body Diameter100.012.50014.000 £51.60
CBCO-24.0X15.0 24.00mm Body Diameter120.012.50015.000 £93.21
CBCO-24.0X16.0 24.00mm Body Diameter120.012.50016.000 £93.21
CBCO-26.0X17.0 26.00mm Body Diameter130.012.50017.000 £116.51
CBCO-26.0X18.0 26.00mm Body Diameter130.012.50018.000 £116.51
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