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CDLHR - HSS Left Hand Drill Raidus Type

CDLHR - HSS Left Hand Drill Raidus Type

HSS Left Hand Centre Drill Radius Type The special profile of the Radius Type Centre Drill makes it more robust than the standard 60 degree Centre Drill. The Radius eliminates the risk of breakage, it provides an exact bearing and serves as a protective Chamfer..

Use Centre Drills to provide the precision, geometry and protection of the holes to provide improved quality in further maching operations and to optimise your machining performance.

ISO NFE 66051 - R DIN 33 -R JIS-1

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Part No.

O/A LengthShank Dia.Point AngleInfoWorking LengthCutter RadiusPilot Dia.Taper In Deg. Price Qty Add More
CDLH-0.8X3.15R 25.03.150118single ended3.02.500.80060.000 £8.95
CDLH-1.0X3.15R 31.03.1501183.02.901.00060.000 £8.77
CDLH-1.25X3.15R 31.03.1501183.03.151.25060.000 £8.77
CDLH-1.6X4R 35.04.0001184.04.001.60060.000 £8.32
CDLH-2.0X5R 40.05.0001185.05.002.00060.000 £8.48
CDLH-2.5X6.3R 45.06.3001186.063.002.50060.000 £9.76
CDLH-3.15X8R 50.08.0001188.08.003.15060.000 £10.97
CDLH-4.0X10R 55.010.00011810.010.004.00060.000 £20.12
CDLH-5.0X12.5R 63.012.50011812.012.505.00060.000 £29.06
CDLH-6.3X16R 71.016.00011816.016.006.30060.000 £47.83
CDLH-8.0X20R 80.020.00011820.020.008.00060.000 £91.19
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