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CDC90 - 90 Degree Solid Carbide Centre Drill

CDC90 - 90 Degree Solid Carbide Centre Drill HARD X Coated

90 degree shoulder angle Solid Carbide Centre Drills - Hard'X Coated. These centre drills are designed to machine chamfers in sheets and for spoting operation prior to drilling.

Use Centre Drills to provide the precision, geometry and protection of the holes to provide improved quality in further maching operations and to optimise your machining performance.

CARBIDE = hardness 1800 HV, to machine steels over 1300 N/mm², Treated steels up to 60 HRC, abrasive tough steels, stainless steels, titanium alloys, hard bronze, inconel, nimonic, waspaloy, hard cast irons and all other metals, thermoplastics, nylon, PVC, laminated, graphite, reinforced polymer with glass or carbon fibres, ceramics, glass.

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Part No.

O/A LengthShank Dia.Point AngleWorking LengthPilot Dia.Taper In Deg. Price Qty Add More
CDCX-1X4X90 35.04.0001181.01.00090.000 £60.54
CDCX-2X6X90 45.06.0001183.02.00090.000 £98.69
CDCX-3X8.00X90 50.08.0001184.03.00090.000 £128.25
CDCX-4X10X90 55.010.0001185.04.00090.000 £141.69
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