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SF Style Round Pointed Tree Shape Carbide Burr

SF Style Round Pointed Tree Shape Carbide Burr

SF Style Round Pointed Tree Shape Carbide Burr

Cut Styles listed as standard available uncoated and TiAlN coated.

  • #1 Standard Cut for general purpose designed for cast iron, steel and other ferrous materials. It will achieve very high material removal rates and good workpiece finishes.
  • #4 Dura Cut allows for rapid stock removal in harder materials. The addition of left hand flutes reduces the pulling action, allowing better operator control. It reduces the size of the chips and can be used at slower than normal speeds.

Other styles available on request

  • #2 Fine cut improves finishes on hardened steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Operator control is improved. The excellent finish comes with reduced stock removal rates.
  • #3 Coarse cut is recommended for use on soft material such as copper, brass, aluminium, plastics, and rubber where chip loading is a problem and the rapid removal rates of a fast mill is not practical.
  • #5 Coarse-Dura Cut is for fast stock removal in soft materials, with improved operator control over Coarse Cut. The left hnad Dura also reduces chip size.
  • #6 Fine Dura Cut is very effective in heat treated and tough alloy steels. The Dura addition reduces the size of chips and offers excellent operator control and surface finish.
  • #8 Diamond Cut is very effective in heat treated and tough alloy steels, making extremely small powder like chips. It offers very good operator control and stock removal at the expense of some finish and tool life.

Shank information.

  • All burrs with a body diameter of greater than 1/4" have Carbide brazed heads to a 1.75" or 2" hardened shank.
  • All burrs with a body diameter of 1/4"or less are manufactured with solid carbide and have 51mm overall length.
  • All burrs are available on request with a 6mm shank on request.

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Part No.

DescriptionFlute LengthShank Dia.Info Price Qty Add More
BURR-SF-1-1 1/4 - 6.35mm dia16.06.350 £11.27
BURRTA-SF-1-1 1/4 - 6.35mm dia16.06.350TiAlN £13.89
BURR-SF-1-4 1/4 - 6.35mm dia16.06.350 £11.72
BURRTA-SF-1-4 1/4 - 6.35mm dia16.06.350TiAlN £14.34
BURR-SF-13-1 1/2- 12.7mm dia19.06.350 £20.83
BURRTA-SF-13-1 1/2- 12.7mm dia19.06.350TiAlN £25.72
BURR-SF-13-4 1/2- 12.7mm dia19.06.350 £21.97
BURRTA-SF-13-4 1/2- 12.7mm dia19.06.350TiAlN £26.86
BURR-SF-14-1 3/4 - 19.01mm dia32.06.350 £44.73
BURR-SF-15-1 3/4 - 19.01mm dia38.06.350 £57.48
BURRTA-SF-14-1 3/4 - 19.01mm dia32.06.350TiAlN £52.82
BURR-SF-14-4 3/4 - 19.01mm dia32.06.350 £47.01
BURRTA-SF-14-4 3/4 - 19.01mm dia32.06.350TiAlN £55.09
BURRTA-SF-15-1 3/4 - 19.01mm dia38.06.350TiAlN £65.56
BURR-SF-15-4 3/4 - 19.01mm dia38.06.350 £60.21
BURRTA-SF-15-4 3/4 - 19.01mm dia38.06.350TiAlN £68.30
BURR-SF-3-1 3/8 - 9.525mm dia19.06.350 £14.23
BURRTA-SF-3-1 3/8 - 9.525mm dia19.06.350TiAlN £17.87
BURR-SF-3-4 3/8 - 9.525mm dia19.06.350 £14.80
BURRTA-SF-3-4 3/8 - 9.525mm dia19.06.350TiAlN £18.44
BURR-SF-5-1 1/2- 12.7mm dia25.06.350 £21.85
BURRTA-SF-5-1 1/2- 12.7mm dia25.06.350TiAlN £26.75
BURR-SF-5-4 1/2- 12.7mm dia25.06.350 £22.88
BURRTA-SF-5-4 1/2- 12.7mm dia25.06.350TiAlN £27.77
BURR-SF-6-1 5/8 - 15.875mm dia25.06.350 £30.16
BURRTA-SF-6-1 5/8 - 15.875mm dia25.06.350TiAlN £37.11
BURR-SF-6-4 5/8 - 15.875mm dia25.06.350 £31.64
BURRTA-SF-6-4 5/8 - 15.875mm dia25.06.350TiAlN £38.59
BURR-SF-7-1 3/4 - 19.01mm dia25.06.350 £37.34
BURRTA-SF-7-1 3/4 - 19.01mm dia25.06.350TiAlN £45.42
BURR-SF-7-4 3/4 - 19.01mm dia25.06.350 £39.04
BURRTA-SF-7-4 3/4 - 19.01mm dia25.06.350TiAlN £47.12
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