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XAX - Xebec Ceramic Fibre, Mounted Point

XAX - Xebec Ceramic Fibre, Mounted Point
  • XEBEC Stone Mounted points have grinding power on the entire surface of the head allowing deburring in various ways as long as the tip of the head portion contacts with the processing area.
  • These ceramic fibre mounted points can be used on both high speed rotating air tools and lower speed electric rotating tools.
  • For use on bench deburring and manual deburring applications.
  • These deburring tools are less agressive than a standard carbide or hss burr bit which give a great surface finish.
  • They provide excellent results on small parts and difficult areas, removing burrs without causing further burrs and sharp edges.
  • These tools do not clog and are self sharpening.
  • They can also be easily shaped for specific applications and can be used on most materials from Aluminium to stainless steel.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.InfoWorking Length Price Qty Add More
XAX-PM-3R 3mm Solid Shaft, 60,000RPM max.48.03.000AX-PM-3R20.0 £17.34
XAX-PM-5RF 5mm Flexible Shaft, 30,000RPM max.48.03.000AX-PM-5RF8.0 £23.12
XAX-PM-6T 6mm Solid Shaft, 60,000RPM max.48.03.000AX-PM-6T20.0 £27.74
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