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POINT - Diamond Point - Wheel

POINT - Diamond Point - Wheel


These points fall in to 2 ranges. The Mini Points come in 9 different shapes all mounted on a 1/16" shank. Use Mini Diamond Point cylinders for jig and internal grinding. Use Mini Diamond Point round end cylinders for drilling and Mini Diamond Point Tapers for reaming. Use wheels for grooving. The Standard Points come in 8 different shapes with larger shank sizes. 120 grit is standard with 220 grit available for finer work. Brazed Bond is available for tougher applications due to the extra tenacious bond.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.Cutter Thickness Price Qty Add More
POINT-34 .167 (4.24mm) Diamond Point, Square Edge1.5880.50 £7.93
POINT-35 .255 (6.5mm) Diamond Point, Square Edge1.5880.63 £7.93
POINT-35T .275 (7.0mm) Diamond Point, Square Edge1.5880.63 £7.93
POINT-17 .190 (4.8mm) Diamond Point, Knife Edge1.5880.50 £7.93
POINT-18S .220 (5.6mm) Diamond Point, Knife Edge1.5881.00 £7.93
POINT-18 .290 (7.4mm) Diamond Point, Knife Edge1.5881.00 £7.93
POINT-110S .135 (3.4mm) Diamond Point, Round Edge1.5881.25 £7.93
POINT-110 .175 (4.4mm) Diamond Point, Round Edge1.5881.25 £7.93
POINT-225 1/4x1/32 Diamond Point Wheel48.03.1750.80 £10.88
POINT-226 1/4x3/64 Diamond Point Wheel48.03.1751.20 £11.31
POINT-227 1/4x1/16 Diamond Point Wheel48.03.1751.60 £11.73
POINT-228 1/4x3/32 Diamond Point Wheel48.03.1752.40 £12.78
POINT-229 1/4x1/8 Diamond Point Wheel48.03.1753.20 £13.64
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