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PD - Diamond Plated Jig Grinding Point, Steel Shank

PD - Diamond Plated Jig Grinding Point, Steel Shank

These tools are for use on Tool steels from 62C Rockwell, Ceramics, Glass and Carbide. They come with either a steel shank or for extreme rigidity a Carbide shank both with a 120 grit size.

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Part No.

DescriptionO/A LengthShank Dia.Body LengthWorking Length Price Qty Add More
PD-019 0.483mm (0.019in) Diameter57.03.1751.5703.0 £7.58
PD-025 0.635mm (0.025in) Diameter57.03.1753.1706.0 £5.33
PD-029 0.737mm (0.029in) Diameter57.03.1752.0106.0 £5.04
PD-079 2.007mm (0.079in) Diameter57.03.1753.99013.0 £6.48
PD-089 2.261mm (0,089in) Diameter57.03.1753.99013.0 £6.64
PD-099 2.515mm (0.099in) Diameter57.03.1753.99013.0 £6.12
PD-109 2.769mm (0.109in) Diameter57.03.1753.99013.0 £6.24
PD-118 2.997mm (0.118in) Diameter57.03.1753.99013.0 £7.01
PD-130 3.302mm (0.130in) Diameter57.03.1755.00016.0 £6.88
PD-140 3.556mm (0.140in) Diameter57.03.1755.00016.0 £7.84
PD-157 3.988mm (0.157in) Diameter57.03.1755.000 £8.58
PD-177 4.496mm (0.177in) Diameter57.06.3505.990 £9.66
PD-197 5.004mm (0.197in) Diameter57.06.3505.990 £10.73
PD-315 8.000mm (0.315in) Diameter57.06.3508.000 £22.82
PD-335F 8.500mm (0.335in) Diameter Fine Grit57.06.3508.000 £15.53
PD-394 10.008mm (0.394in) Diameter57.06.35010.000 £17.49
PD-473 12.014mm (0.473in) Diameter57.06.35010.000 £23.02
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